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Sexual Assault Awareness

4183Hello 3E! This month is sexual assault awareness month. Be sure to check out this board to learn more about the statistics at college campuses around the country! Be safe out there and be aware.


Spring Break


Hello 3E! Please be sure to check this board out before you go on Spring Break! We all want to have a fun break but make sure that the fun you would like to have also will have you come back safely! Have a great break!

Dance Marathon

IMG_20161018_224624021.jpgHello 3E! This Saturday, please help out this great cause! Twice a year UW-Platteville hosts something called dance marathon. This is where all of the halls on campus come together in order to raise money in order to support the children’s hospital! This is a great cause and please help support this in any way that you can!

Yell Like Hell

Hello 3E! As Homecoming passes and we get ready for Fright Fest, I want to thank all of you that helped with homecoming and the events that incurred during that weekend. On Wednesday, our building rocked Yell Like Hell as the Lady Pioneers won in style after 5 sets! Here are some of the pictures from the event! Again, thank you all for your help!

A Corny Evening!

img_20161007_203235015 img_20161007_203301449 img_20161007_203303006

Hello 3E! This Friday evening at the FNC, we had a blast! For those of you that do not know, it was a corny evening! Everything there had to do with corn, ending with a bonfire hosted by Cooper at the Pioneer Farm. During this event there was a corn eating contest in which we had two members of our wing participate in. Thank you to Duane and Noah for participating in this contest and although they did not win I am sure it was a blast!

Packers vs. Vikings 9/18/16


Hello 3E! I know this was not an official event, but the Packers game tonight turned out to be a big event on the wing! KFC, popcorn, friends and football always makes for a good time on 3E! Although the Packers did not win, it was a good time as a group tonight.