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Pizza with the Professors!


Thank you for all of those who came to Pizza with the Professors tonight! I appreciate all of the support given to this program put on! A special thanks to the two professors that assisted tonight, Dr. Lucie Kadjo (Ag Business) and Dr. Kokou Gadedji (Accounting)!


Pizza with the Professors


Thank you for all of you that attended this week’s pizza with the professors! I am sure all of you enjoyed the free pizza and found out some new things about the university and some of the professors! I hope to see all of you at the next pizza with the professors too!

Pizza with the Professors!


Hello 3E! As you get ready for this week, please take time and sign up for this great event hosted by the hall! This Monday, October 24th, Dr. Marcia Harr-Bailey and Dr. Amanda Trewin will be coming in to talk to you about what they do on campus and about themselves. Also, there will be free pizza, yes, free pizza supplied to you by the hall!