Tag: Diversity/Inclusion

Hidden Figures

Bulletin board about social and scientific advancements made by women. Learn about the amazing contributions and legacies of these amazing 12 women. All of these women have impacted the form of society in ways that are clearly evident and ongoing in importance, as well as overcame immense adversity to do so.


Happy New Years!

Bulletin board is up about how different countries, people, and cultures celebrate their respective New Year. Different cultures around the world have separate dates for the new year and differing rituals and celebrations. Many share characteristics, while others have totally unique customs and traditions.



There is a bulletin board up about Hanukkah right now. It provides information about how the holiday is celebrated. Along with some details about the symbols that go along with the holiday.



I got a bulletin board up a while ago about Kwanzaa. It is full of information about the holiday. The bulletin board is full of a lot of great information. It covers from how the holiday is celebrated and what all the symbols are involved.

St. Patrick’s Day


St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner! Be sure to check out this bulletin board to learn some more about the holiday! Also attached are some quotes of Irish prayers, toasts, and more! Please be sure that whatever you chose to do for this St. Patrick’s Day, that you come back safe the next day!

Chancellor Visit


Hello 3E! Today, we sat down with Chancellor Shields, ate pizza, and discussed a variety of topics. Topics were heavily focused on questions that people had for him, about himself, the university, his experiences and more. He also taught us a lot about his quest for a more diverse campus and how although it is definitely a one population dominated campus, the diversity among the campus has grown about 5 % since he has been here. Also, thank you to all of you that came along!

United We Stand

img_20170212_202650063Hello 3E! Today was United We Stand. For this presentation the Department of Residence Life brought in Monti Washington, a very interesting motivational speaker that brought his program to life with his energy. I urge all of you to check him out if you have time and make it to the program next time if you have time!