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Olympic Bulletin Board

I just put up a bulletin board about the Pyeongchang Olympics. Check it out to learn about the unique cultures, geography, and art that is present at the games as well as a spotlight for several notable US athletes. Write down your support for peace and unity, also cheer on your favorite athlete, country, or event! Medal count will be updated daily!


Bridgefest Fun

We went to Bridgefest on Sunday with a couple of residents. Pickard Hall ran a football toss game where you could win some string cheese. Luke gave it a shot for a bit and had a good time with all of the different events that were there. There was a mechanical bull, free food, and a bunch of other fun games.

Etiquette – Bulletin Board


I did a bulletin board about some of the common courtesies for a wing community. This board can be very useful for new people in residence halls. It allows them to read and learn about some of the things to look out for and what they are responsible for. It says on there if residents have questions at all about certain things that they can come and ask me when my door is open.

Your RA Bulletin Board


I did a bulletin board about myself so people could see some of the things that I enjoy to do. This way if a resident found something that they had in common with me they could come and talk to me about it. It can be fun to learn a lot about other people and what they enjoy especially when it is something you have in common with them.