Your RA Bulletin Board


I did a bulletin board about myself so people could see some of the things that I enjoy to do. This way if a resident found something that they had in common with me they could come and talk to me about it. It can be fun to learn a lot about other people and what they enjoy especially when it is something you have in common with them.


Stress Management


Hello 3E! With finals coming up, please be sure to check out this board on stress management! Stress is not always coming from what you think it is. Changing a couple of these things can help improve your mood and reduce your stress!

Pizza with the Professors!


Thank you for all of those who came to Pizza with the Professors tonight! I appreciate all of the support given to this program put on! A special thanks to the two professors that assisted tonight, Dr. Lucie Kadjo (Ag Business) and Dr. Kokou Gadedji (Accounting)!

St. Patrick’s Day


St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner! Be sure to check out this bulletin board to learn some more about the holiday! Also attached are some quotes of Irish prayers, toasts, and more! Please be sure that whatever you chose to do for this St. Patrick’s Day, that you come back safe the next day!