Olympics are here!

The 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics are starting this Thursday, to celebrate I put up some Olympic themed door decorations. Who are you cheering for?


Happy New Years!

Bulletin board is up about how different countries, people, and cultures celebrate their respective New Year. Different cultures around the world have separate dates for the new year and differing rituals and celebrations. Many share characteristics, while others have totally unique customs and traditions.


Bulletin board for trees of Wisconsin is up! Sharing knowledge about dendroecology and facts about how different trees affect the landscapes where they are found. Wisconsin’s two main bioclimes and ecotome are represented in an interactive display centered around finding out what different trees are.

Driving in a Winter Wonderland

I put up a bulletin board with some information about driving and safety in the winter. It covers topics relating to supplies for a winter safety kit, how to avoid and recover from a skid, and general information about safety. Both the conditions for driving and temperatures have been extreme so far this year and we all need to remember to be safe.

Pancake Breakfast


There was a Pancake Breakfast held for the entire building today. I made the pancakes and people from around the building came down and had some pancakes after the math exams that were this morning. There were a lot of people that came down along with many residents. Alan the RA from four east was there to help along with Brent the SA. It was a great time where everybody could take a break form studying. As well it was good to relax after a stressful morning with taking the math final this morning



There is a bulletin board up about Hanukkah right now. It provides information about how the holiday is celebrated. Along with some details about the symbols that go along with the holiday.


campus energy.jpg

I got a board up about campus energy. It talks about how much energy the campus used and how much they have worked to try and save money. It is a great board that shows how much stuff is going on around campus with energy.