campus energy.jpg

I got a board up about campus energy. It talks about how much energy the campus used and how much they have worked to try and save money. It is a great board that shows how much stuff is going on around campus with energy.




I got a bulletin board up a while ago about Kwanzaa. It is full of information about the holiday. The bulletin board is full of a lot of great information. It covers from how the holiday is celebrated and what all the symbols are involved.



I put up a Bulletin Board on some great academic tips and where people can go and get help if they need it. It goes over the three main help services like tutoring services, Math Learning Center, and the Writing Center. Each one is very helpful and are available by appointment. There are some studying tips on the board that I personally find pretty useful.

Mental Health

Mental Health BB.jpg

I got a bulletin board up about different mental health conditions. The bulletin board covers schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety disorders. It gives out some basic information about each condition and the symptoms of them. I personally like this board a lot because it allows other people to learn more about something that they usually don’t get a chance to look at.

Pizza With Professors

Pizza Professors.jpg

There was a great turnout for the first Pizza with Professors this year. Pizza with Professors is a get together where residents can get to know professors more personally to show that they are people as well. It was a great time where we had some great pizza and some great professors there to talk to. Everybody got to talk to the professors and ask them questions about their lives and get some lessons.

Pancake Breakfast

I had a good time with everybody at breakfast on Saturday. I got to make pancakes for everybody who showed up and we had a great time talking about our weekends and enjoying some good food. There were chocolate chip pancakes along with normal ones, there also was syrup for them. It was awesome to see so many people down there talking to each other. #Health

Bridgefest Fun

We went to Bridgefest on Sunday with a couple of residents. Pickard Hall ran a football toss game where you could win some string cheese. Luke gave it a shot for a bit and had a good time with all of the different events that were there. There was a mechanical bull, free food, and a bunch of other fun games.