Welcome Weekend 2016! Saturday: Move-in day

Greetings 3E! As you all start to move in this week, there are a lot of activities going on around campus. I urge each one of you to attend as many of the events as possible. I will update this page each day with a list of events and at what time, although I urge you that you check them out yourselves too. Download the UWP CPR app in the Google Play Store and App Store in order to keep up to date with all the events CPR are putting on around campus. Ask one of the RAs in the building for the password once you get the app! Also, for an in-depth description of the events this weekend, check out the welcome weekend page on the school’s webpage at https://www.uwplatt.edu/welcome-weekend/welcome-weekend-schedule.

Saturday, September 3rd:

10:30am-2pm Walk your class schedule

2pm Parent Goodbye Time @ Bridgeway Commons

2:15pm New Student Convocations  @ Bo Ryan Court and Velzy Commons

3:45pm Platteville Chamber of Commerce Scavenger Hunt & Welcome Picnic @ Downtown Park

7:15pm Mandatory Residence Hall Meetings

8pm Playfair @Morrow Hall

9:15pm Ice Cream Sandwiches

10pm Super Ball Drop @ Karrmann Library Parking Lot


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